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Studies show that kids who play and learn outside...

2019-05-13 - Harmony Enrichment at Kicke
  1. Are healthier physically and mentally.

  2. Do better in school.

  3. Have higher self-esteem.

  4. Have good self-discipline.

  5. Feel more capable and confident

  6. Are good problem solvers.

  7. Are more cooperative with others.

  8. Are more creative.

  9. Feel more connected to nature.

  10. Are tomorrow's conservation leaders.

*courtesy of Texas Children in Nature​

The Link Between Health & Nature

Innumerable research studies by the most reputable names and institutions in medicine show an undeniable link between human health and nature.  On this page, you'll find a variety of resources to improve your own understanding of this link and to share this knowledge with others.

Must-Read Books

Many of these books are available through your local library as books, e-books, and audio books.

Last Child in the Woods

If you can only read one book on this list, Last Child in the Woods must be that book.  It explains the widely recognized phenomenon of "Nature Deficit Disorder" in today's children, discusses scientific research into its dangers, and gives hope that we can correct this problem before it's too late.

Watch this video.

The Nature Fix.png

We know we feel more relaxed on a beach or in the company of trees, but why is that?  The Nature Fix explains the science behind how time spent in nature improves our cognition, mood, resilience, and overall wellbeing in entertaining and easy to understand terms.

Watch this video.

Biophilia Effect.png
Nature Principle.png
Blue Mind.png
Balanced and Barefoot.png
Vitamin N.png
Little Book of Lykke.png
Forest Bathing.png


The following infographics are available from the Children & Nature Network.  This collaborative of nature and environmental educators and organizations is dedicated to "a world in which all children play, learn and grow with nature in their everyday lives."  All infographics are free to download and use in your quest to educate others on the important role nature plays in our mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Nature can improve health and wellbeing infographic
Nature can improve academic outcomes infographic

Green Schoolyards

Access to nature and green spaces at school can be incredibly impactful to young people.  For research on this subject compiled by the Children & Nature Network, CLICK HERE.

You can also browse their easy to use online research library on a variety of subjects HERE.

Click on any of these infographics to download their PDF files.

Green schoolyards can provide mental health benefits
Green Schoolyards can improve academic outcomes
Green schoolyards encourage beneficial play
Green Schoolyards can increase physical activity

Prescribing Nature

Thanks to a growing movement among doctors and nurse practitioners, more patients are receiving prescriptions for nature and parks instead of pharmaceuticals and pills.

Nature & Eclectic Outdoors (NEO) and our Healthy Outdoor Communities (HOC) initiative have teamed up with Park Rx America to introduce this practice to doctors and nurse practitioners in our communities.  Ask your doctor's office to contact us to find out more!

Visit Park Rx America online to find great parks near you, and learn how to write your own park prescription.  You can also find infographics like the one below and informative pages on how time spent outdoors can have a positive impact on Brain Health, Hypertension, Obesity, Physical Activity, and Minority Health.  Most materials on the Park Rx America site are also available in Spanish.

Outside Magazine.png

Read more about park prescriptions in Outside Magazine

Park Rx Poster a.jpg
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