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Nature & Eclectic Outdoors (NEO) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people of all ages and backgrounds lead more outdoor oriented lives for better health, happiness, and life balance.  We are free to join and offer dozens of fun and family-friendly events to thousands of our community members each year.  Because we believe everyone should be able to enjoy nature and the great outdoors regardless of socio-economic challenges, all NEO events are free or low-cost.

While NEO has a variety of programs, our 3 primary focuses are children and families, older adults, and people with special needs.  We team up with schools, government entities, and other organizations to provide training and opportunities that change lives.  Through involvement with NEO, kids develop leadership and problem-solving skills while building a deeper appreciation for nature and the world around them, seniors learn tricks and tips to stay more physically and mentally active and social, and people with special needs get access to activities custom tailored to meet their unique challenges.


NEO serves thousands each year through events such as school field trips, public festivals, and educational seminars.  We also offer amazing outdoor activities like nature walks, camping, backpacking, kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, geocaching, outdoor cooking clinics, nature photography, and more.


Studies prove that kids who spend time outdoors are healthier, happier, and smarter than their indoor counterparts.  Through our “Wilderness Kids” initiative we see amazing changes in children who have access to nature.  They are better at problem solving, develop a natural understanding of basic physics and engineering, improve leadership skills, and excel at working in teams.  When parents participate with their children they build a stronger family unit, develop a better appreciation and understanding of one another, and instances of family conflict and child abuse decrease.


Sponsors are a key component of how NEO is able to serve so many and inspire people to develop and maintain healthier life habits.  The bottom line is…

Sponsors help NEO change lives for the better!


Please look over our sponsorship packages and benefits.  You'll receive recognition as a caring community leader while you are generously helping others.  It's a win-win!


Also, consider becoming a “NEO for Hire” sponsor.  When you hire NEO to host your special events, those funds go toward continuing and expanding our amazing programs such as “Wilderness Kids,” “Outdoor Seniors,” “Butterfly Revolution,” and more.


Please make the decision to sponsor NEO and help your schools and community today.

Thank you,




Jennifer Boley

Founder & Executive Director

Nature & Eclectic Outdoors (NEO)

Priorities: youth, special needs, older adults

Life-long habits, not one-time experiences.

NEO serves thousands of people each year.

Outdoor kids are happier, healthier, and smarter.

Become a NEO Sponsor

Get rewarded for doing good!

Sponsorship Tiers




Additional Information:

  • NEO hosts multiple "large community events" each year including outdoor-oriented career fairs in schools, urban community campouts, on-campus camping, family nights, and more.

  • Size and type of "recognition" is relative to sponsorship tier.

  • 1 year scholarships allow for extensive training in outdoor skills and leadership, free use of NEO equipment, and free passes to dozens of NEO events including camping, backpacking, kayaking, fishing, and geocaching throughout the year.

  • "NEO hosted events" will be tailored to the sponsor's needs and preferences.  Multiple options will be available.

  • "Outdoor Adventure Kits" include a tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, camp chair, and headlamp.

  • Each "Family camping/event pass" allows for up to 4 family members to attend specified NEO camps and events

  • Swag items can include branded items such as frisbees, bandanas, backpacks, and more that are given to the public at events throughout the year.

Choose your

sponsorship level

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Become a "NEO for Hire" Sponsor!

Hire NEO for your next special event, and get sponsorship recognition.

NEO is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  Funds raised through private and special events help us offer free and low-cost

activities to schools and other nonprofits.  By hiring NEO for your next event, you are helping your community.

Plus, NEO will give you sponsorship recognition!

Sponsorship Contact & Payment Form




Name: _________________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: __________________________________________________________

Phone: _______________________________ Alternate: _________________________

Email: __________________________________________________________________

Sponsor's Name: _________________________________________________________

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Payment Method

___ I have already paid online at

___ My check payable to "Nature and Eclectic Outdoors" is enclosed.

       (email for mailing/pick up options

___ I wish to pay by ___ AmEx  ___ Discover  ___ Master Card  ___ Visa


      Credit Card Number: ____________________________________________________________


      Expiration Date: ______/______

Please choose your

sponsorship level

___ Diamond: $10,000

___ Platinum: $7,500

___ Gold: $5,000

___ Silver: $2,500

___ Bronze: $1,000

___ Benefactor: $500

___ Supporter: $250

___ Patron: $100

___ Other: $____________

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