a groundbreaking outdoor initiative to promote

health, wellbeing, and resilience in urban communities.

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Who is NEO?

Our Mission

NEO is dedicated to helping people of all ages and backgrounds lead more active outdoor-oriented lives for better health, happiness, and wellbeing. 


How do we do it?

NEO is free to join, and we host a variety of events and activities that are open to the public.  We also team up with schools, government entities, and other organizations to host special events. 


We strive to:

  • make all activities fun, safe, and affordable

  • host tons of events year round, rain or shine

  • provide plenty of educational classes

  • give hands-on training with NEO outdoor gear

  • provide equipment for people who have none

  • partner with other great organizations like the        Texas Parks & Wildlife Department


Appreciation and Inclusion

Since we work with people from all walks of life, we include diversity elements in many of our activities.  This promotes a greater understanding between participants, no matter what their backgrounds or differences.  We help turn "tolerance" into "appreciation."

Come out and PLAY!

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Special Programs

NEO has initiatives to help everyone enjoy the great outdoors!

Wilderness Kids
focuses on teaching children and parents outdoor skills to build stronger family bonds
Nature for All
ensures everyone regardless of physical, mental, or emotional challenge has the opportunity to enjoy nature
Outdoor Seniors
teaches older adults practical outdoor skills as well as tips and tricks for staying active longer
Butterfly Revolution
teaches butterfly gardening as well as Monarch caterpillar and butterfly rearing to schools and others
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  • Birthday & Office Parties

  • Company Team Builders

  • Church Picnics

  • Family Reunions

  • Community Events

  • Apartment Socials

  • Vacations

  • Graduation Presents

  • Educational Events​​


  • Home or Office

  • Community Parks

  • State or National Parks

  • School Grounds

  • Community Centers

  • Gymnasiums

  • Parking Lots

  • Anywhere you need!


  • Camping

  • Backpacking

  • Fishing

  • Cycling

  • Kayaking

  • Paddle Boarding

  • Letterboxing

  • Travel

  • Nature Hikes

 Even More Activities!

  • Backyard Camping

  • Life-size Games

  • Lawn Fishing Tournaments

  • ​Geocache Treasure Hunts

  • Mock Campground

  • Nature Scavenger Hunts

  • Outdoor Arts & Crafts

  • Outdoor Cooking Classes

Become a "NEO for Hire" Sponsor!

Hire NEO for your next special event, and get sponsorship recognition.

NEO is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  Funds raised through private and special events help us offer free and low-cost activities to schools and other nonprofits.  By hiring NEO for your next event, you are helping your community.

Plus, NEO will give you sponsorship recognition!

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We host fun events and activities for any guest list, time frame, or budget.

indoors or out      adults or kids      large or small      your place or ours

NEO Hosts Special Events!

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School Partnerships

NEO's commitment to schools

Schools are the backbone of every community, and children are the future stewards of those communities and the world.  NEO has always made school partnerships a priority, and we are proud to offer free and low-cost on and off-campus events to students.


Outdoor Education

NEO offers TEKS correlated "Project Wild" outdoor curriculum for pre-K through 12th grade students in:

  • Science

  • Math

  • Social Studies

  • Language Arts

  • Environmental Education

  • Expressive Arts

Developing Leaders

NEO makes school fun while teaching students practical applications for what they are learning.  Exciting activities help students develop necessary skills in critical thinking, problem solving, leadership, and collaboration.

Possible Activities

We have equipment and expertise to provide quality on and off-campus events and activities to students.

  • Educational clinics

  • Geocache problem solving hunts

  • Educational field trips

  • Adventure field trips including kayaking, fishing, and more

  • Overnight or multi-night camps...even to other states

  • On campus family events such as camping or picnics

Sponsors & Partners

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